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Shop swimwear by body shape

Whether you’re a beautiful pear or an enviable hourglass, we’ve handpicked the most flattering and stylish swimwear to suit your body shape. Check out our expert guide and say hello to your summer of confidence, wherever your travels take you.


Beautifully curvy, the hourglass shape has a full bust, rounded hips and goes in at the waist. Halterneck tops and low necklines are perfect for flaunting your bust, whilst a high-waisted brief will accentuate those incredible curves.



 A rectangle shape has a small chest and bottom with little definition at the waist. Basically your figure goes straight up and down! The aim is to create the illusion of curves by adding definition to your hips and bust. Choose bold prints, strong detailing and padded cups.



 If you’re an apple shape you’ll have a full bust, a round tummy and lovely legs, so it’s best to choose swimwear that flatters your cleavage and adds more definition to your waist. Opt for plunging necklines and waist-cinching details.



 If you’re a pear shape, you’ll be narrow at the shoulders and wider at the hips. You’ll probably have a flat tummy too! To balance out your shape, try to draw the eye upwards with a plunge or halterneck top.



 Your shoulders are wide, your hips are narrow and you have a slender waist. As you tend to be broader on top, support your bust with an underwired bikini top and define your hips and waist with detailed briefs.