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Women of all ages, shapes and sizes have become increasingly fond of comfortable soft cup bras, also known as wire-free bras (or wireless, but this word always reminds me of my internet service).

An underwired bra is not in itself uncomfortable, but if you’re wearing the wrong bra size or bra style/shape for your body, then chances are the underwire will poke into you or rub against you uncomfortably.  

Wire-free bras eliminate any potential issues with the underwire – however, beware committing the same bra-fitting mistake twice.  If you switch to soft cup bras, but not change your bra size, just your bra style, you may still be wearing the wrong size, which was possibly the problem in the first place.  

Wire free bras have come along way over the past few years – in the past there was only a limited selection – however now you can find a variety of non underwire styles that offer support and lift without that digging in wire.

Some advantages of wire free bras:

  • They tend to last longer and are easier to care for as there are no wires that can lose shape
  • You are able to move around in the bra easier and more comfortably
  • There are supportive styles for any body type of cup size
  • They are exceptionally comfortable for all day long wear - you can wear wire free whenever, wherever for everyday wear. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, having lunch with the kids, or lounging around the house – wireless bras are a good staple for ever woman’s wardrobe.
  • They are great for maternity or nursing – during this time breasts may fluctuate in size and be sore. Pressure from the underwire may cause added soreness and can sometimes cause clogged milk ducts. It is recommended to at least have one wireless option in your drawer for those uncomfortable moments, and while sleeping.
  • They are great for post surgery and augmentation procedures – breasts tend to be very sore and sensitive after a procedure. You do not want to harm or add any pressure or irritation to the breasts during this time. We suggest waiting at least a few months, before going back to underwire. Wearing a wireless bra will allow much more flexibility and comfort. 

Some disadvantages of wire free bras:

  • Generally they don’t lift and separate as well as an underwire bra
  • Do not provide as much support as underwire bras for the larger cup sizes

 Some wire free delights that you can find on our choose me site:

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WONDERBRA - Dating Frisky