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When I wake up in the morning and put on my bra – I don’t want to think about it again at any point in the day!

If I am thinking about it – it means that it is clearly doing something wrong!

Being in the lingerie industry for over 20 years – I have a huge cupboard full of lingerie – all sorts of brands, from all over the world – however, I find myself continually returning to the same brands and styles again and again and this is because I believe your favourite bra is like your favourite pair of takkies or your favourite jersey – you just feel at home in it.

It’s always been the biggest ask amongst my lady friends – searching for the bra that offers the most comfort and support – while still making them feel beautiful. It does exist.

Over the years I have found “my” favourite bra – my “go to” bra – and it never disappoints.

Sizing is key to this – finding the bra that best suites your shape, and your size of bust. Your changing body is also key – I don’t know about you ladies – however after I had my 3 children – I hated bras! I literally couldn’t wait to rip off my bra at the end of a long day and let the puppies free! – because my body changed and I found the bra of choice at the time so uncomfortable.

So ladies keep looking, keep trying to find that bra that makes you feel beautiful when you put it on – but that you don’t waste a moment more thinking about it after…….