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Happy fathers day!

For most men I know, nothing beats a sunny warm morning, a cup of coffee, and some good reading material in a comfy chair on the verandah – but hanging out there cool enough without scaring the neighbors sometimes can be a little challenging.  I've got two men living in my house and because it's quite warm here, they always seem to be walking around the house in their underwear and as you can imagine, that causes problems from time to time.

Why is it that men think it is ok – and I am talking from the tender age of 10 right up to grown men – to walk about baring all!

As my daughter says “imagine if us girls did that mom!” Exactly – so ladies out there – lets get our men in our lives some pj shorts that actually cover up and look acceptable to the passing eye!!

Take a look at some of our top suggestions for the men around your house:

1. Woodstock Laundry has an amazing range of hand made boxers - great colours and modern designs that give each pair a unique look.

2. Jockey Woven Boxers are great as sleepwear or underwear

3. These Bear Body Shorts are for those guys who like something a little more 'out there' to cover up with!