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No one loves a white t-shirt as much as I do. A white t shirt and blue jeans to me – is a classic timeless combination. You actually can’t beat this ultimate look. You can dress it up or down – add bold, out there earrings, try it with heels, or even with classic casual takkies.

However, you have to have the right bra!

 Often white t shirts can be really see through – especially if you are donning the new ever popular slub type fabrics  - this can result in a problem if you don’t have the right bra. So now if you are faced with a semi see through top – and a bra that either does not cover your bits or is covered with bulky lace – which gives others the impression that you have “lumpy boob disease!”

 So what do you do – wear a cammi over your bra and under your t shirt – urgh! In the South African summer heat – you are now stuck with an internal heater system!

Or you end up having to wear something over the t shirt – which defeated the object of the “white t shirt and jeans” look that you were going for in the first place!!

 So in my opinion the only answer is to find that classic, smooth t shirt bra – a must for every closet! 

These are some of our favourites - click the images to shop the products on site!

1. After Eden's Single Boost Push Up Bra in white

2. Kangol's 2 pack T-Shirt Bra in black & white

3. Freya's Deco Moulded Soft Cup Bra

4. The Playtex Everyday Comfort 2 Pack Spacer Moulded Underwire Bra