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We wanted to get personal with our followers and ask small busted beauties why they love small chests…………. 

  1. You can wear low cut tops

“I love the fact that I can wear low plunge tops without the bra and I don’t feel trashy. I can also just go braless when a lot of my friends cant!” Bernice 28 years 

  1. Its a lot easier to find sports bras

“I love my small chest as I don’t have to spend a fortune on a sports bra as I don’t need as much support!” Victoria 20 years 

  1. You can wear soft bras without wires or padding!

“I love having a small chest, I’m a size 34A and I admit, when I was younger it would get me down as it was all about push up bras and the size of your boobs! But now I can wear nice soft bras as I don’t need as much support as a larger chested woman. Its great if you want to wear a backless dress or top too!” Sally 32 years 

  1. #Bralettes were made for you!

"I think when I was younger it was always 'the bigger the better' however now you see on social media that its better to have little boobs! I'm a 34 AAA and have always struggled to find that perfect fitting bra that makes me feel feminine - now I LIVE in lace bralettes! They are super pretty, sooo comfortable and look really nice with V-necks and low cut tops!  as the lace shows slightly. with celebs like Kendall Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow rocking the bralette trend I think it shows that the #bralette is here to stay! Woohoo! " Lesley aged 34 

  1. You can go strapless without the worry

“Strapless bras are easier to find when you have smaller busts and when your breasts tend to be lighter. Therefore there are so many beautiful options to choose from – like lacey bandeaus, strapless bras that are super comfy and hold you in place.” Bella aged 40 

  1. Its super easy to go bra shopping

The online option “chooseme.co.za” allows me to look online in the privacy of my own home and find the best option that suites me – I now don’t have to go into the store and feel like I am buying a bra for my teenage daughter!” Michelle aged 42 

  1. You can wear pretty much any swimwear that you like…

“Come summer I'm always the envy of my larger boobed friends because they have to spend A LOT more on wired/support/lift and I can get away with pretty much any style bikini as I don't need as much support! Also I love a full swimsuit and I can wear pretty much all styles, backless, plunge, halter whereas my best friend is a D and she is super limited as she always needs that waist band for support!"  Hannah aged 22 

  1. You can wear pretty lace back bras with super chic details!

“I love wearing pretty bras with back lace detail – however my larger busted friends say these styles don’t provide them with enough support to hold them securely.” Jenna aged 28 

  1. You can have a bra free day

“I love the fact that I can go without a bra on the odd occasion.” Olivia aged 35 

  1. You have better posture

“My friend who has larger breasts really battles with back pain due to the heaviness of her chest – which in turn effects her posture” Nicole aged 21