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Life in Lingerie

Ever since my early twenties, I have had a small (possibly bordering on large…) obsession with Lingerie. Whilst it may sound a little quirky, I like the fact that lingerie can help express a part of you that has nothing to do with what everyone else sees. I am also a firm believer that it can do wonders for your confidence if you are wearing a comfortable, well fitting set of bra and undies!  

I love the industry I work in and when introducing myself to someone new, I have found more often than not that this sparks a conversation that generally breaks the ice! It is however one of those industries best described by an adult as I learnt the hard way a few years ago.

 My 6 year old daughter once announced at a school career day that her Mom “worked in underwear!” Whilst not there to enjoy the reaction, I can only imagine the fear on the faces of the teacher and parents. I am sure an attempt was made to quickly shuffle her back to her seat, but my proud daughter proceeded to add that her Mom also “works long hours and sometimes works at night!” So if the first statement hadn’t already prompted a ‘vision’ of stripper or worse then the second statement probably switched on a light (albeit possibly a red one).  Needless to say I have never been asked to come in and talk to the class about my career. In hindsight, she may have done me a favour as I have a fear of public speaking, especially to a group of 6 year olds who have a great ability of asking the most awkward questions.

 My husband believes I have the best job in the world as I get to look at women in their underwear all day long and actually get paid for it. Whilst I have explained that isn’t quite all that is involved in the job, he has requested that I rather not divulge more and leave him to his own fantasies.  I also do not help matters as am often caught “boob watching” when we are out and about. It’s a habit I simply can’t break, a curiosity and intrigue into what is underneath (a habit that also enables my husband to get away with doing it all the time unnoticed).

Whilst working in “Lingerie” is not always as glamorous as my husband would like to think, I love it all the same! Embarking on this journey to bring you Choose Me has only enhanced the passion. I hope you love the site as much as we do and that it creates a little lingerie obsession in all of you too!