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When Summer approaches and its time to find that amazing swimsuit for the season - department store dressing rooms can echo the disgruntled sigh from woman trying on swimwear. Armed with at least a half dozen lycra garments of various shapes, sizes and colours, nothing can change a woman into an awkward child, like a - full length, three-sided mirror. 

Lycra induced anxiety tops the charts in the summertime, leaving many women hating their own bodies and refusing to enjoy water activities. But there are ways to reasonably tackle swimwear terror without starvation or 24-hour exercise bootcamps.

Women in particular demand weight loss counselling in the summer months, wanting to look fabulous in the latest swimwear style. Magazine images of gorgeous, pin thin models sporting ribbons of fabric that pass for swimsuits can spur self-image distress and drastic dieting. Starvation and fad diets may purge a few kilos, but dieting for a piece of clothing is rarely successful…. and skinniness doesn’t guarantee happiness or body satisfaction.

To be pleased with one’s lycra clad self, one has to rely on self-image, not the media image of beauty. This can be of a seemingly perfect superstar strikes fear into every “real” woman. So if your inner body critic shouts out to you  “Your butt is so big in this swimsuit!"  it’s time to learn how to silence the critic with practical advice:

 To survive swimsuit season and enjoy all that summer has to offer:

  • Find a suit for your current shape. Many suits now have tags that show the type of body shape for which the suit is most flattering.
  • Select an appealing suit colour (solid colours are often more flattering than prints) and get some attractive accessories. Hats, coordinated cover-ups and glasses can add spark to any summer ensemble
  • Eat a sensible, varied diet. If you want to drop a few kilos, eat small, frequent meals to maintain metabolism.
  • Exercise in the pool. Moving in water can effectively burn calories while being gentle on the joints.

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