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So as the statistic states, the average bra size in South Africa is a 34B. But there is also that familiar statistic that states that over 70% of women are wearing the wrong size! After being exposed to enough of the "numbers" over the years, the first is pretty accurate in that it is typically the most popular size bought across many brands. 

However I tend to believe that the 2nd statistic is pretty accurate too as just in my small scale observations there are a lot of ladies out there who are simply wearing the wrong size. 

I often question why so many of us get it wrong as its not like we do the same with shoes as an example and walk around in shoes two sizes too big or small. So why is it so common in bras?

For many of us we get measured in our late teens and think we are set for life not realizing that our size fluctuates so much over the years.  Your size can change due to many circumstances including pregnancy, your contraception as well as the more obvious weight gain and loss.

So ladies take our advice, you need get measured every 6 months. The great news is that it’s not always necessary to venture out of the house to get fitted. You can take our fit quiz online and can follow our handy tips of measuring by using a tape measure or fitting against your favourite bra.

Once you find your perfect fit you will realise that it can actually change your life and here is why…..

  • Firstly it can make your breasts look amazing, a bra isn’t just for support, it flatters and enhances your overall look. It can also create a captivating cleavage rather than an unnecessary breast spillage!
  • It is sooooo much more comfortable. Let’s face it we wear bras everyday so comfort is so important, the right bra provides comfortable support. Underwires are there to help not hurt and straps are not there to give you painful indents.
  • A bra too big or too small can actually alter the shape of your breasts.
    1. If too small your breasts are being firmly pressed in a cup that they simply don’t fit in naturally. Wearing it like this for continuous periods of time will alter their shape and reduce their natural appeal.
    2. If too big you can be causing unnecessary breast sagging as too much movement in the cup slackens the muscles in your breast.
  • If you are a lover of active sports, the right size is key as it reduces the bounce, it also minimizes breast strain in the inner region of your breasts.
  • Last but certainly not least is there is an actual health benefit! Wearing a bra that is the correct size can avoid constriction of the lymphatic system. It is apparent that over 85% of the fluid of the lymph flowing from the breast will drain at the armpit lymph nodes. The performance of this is inhibited if the bra you wear is too tight as it can affect the flow through out the system.

Having been a culprit of wearing the wrong size for many years I am now an advocate for measuring myself every 6 months and we at Choose me urge you to do the same.

We are also here to help, if you are struggling to find the right bra - drop us a line - so we can assist you. Not all bras are created equally and different style bras can have a different fit and often vary by brand.  We can help guide you to brands and silhouettes to try on in the comfort of your own home.

We want to help you find the right size and comfort for you and your girls! You can thank us later!