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W7 Magic Make up remover Cloth

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R 149.00

MISSION - W7’s Mission is to ensure that everybody should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price.
GAME CHANGER - Bored of expensive cleansers and constantly buying make-up wipes?
RE-USEABLE - It's Magic! Makeup Remover Cloth wipes away your makeup and cleans your face quickly and thoroughly with just a touch of water.
CLEANSE - The microfiber cloth features short fibers on one side and longer fibers on the other, making it the perfect tool for targeting tougher areas as well as for an overall, gentle cleanse.
SUPER SOFT - Thanks to its super-soft material, the cloth is great for all skin-types especially for those who suffer with sensitive skin and can be machine washed multiple times, making it the sustainable alternative to generic makeup removal.