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Fifth Element

Fifth Element Anti Cellulite Sports Legging

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The Anti Cellulite leggings are made of quality fabric providing the PUSH-UP effect, and a strong and tight 10 cm rubber band is applied to reduce the WAIST size . The fabric also features unique ITOFINISH KELP additives in the form of microcapsules containing natural components that support the fight against cellulite and boast other skin-friendly properties . The finish, too, actively inhibits bacterial growth and infections, ensuring the feeling of freshness and preventing unpleasant odours . Active additives are locked up in microcapsules and get released as the product is used and retain their properties for approximately 20 washes 


Fifth Element Sportswear is a Stellenbosch based brand bringing fashionable sportswear to active women who desire to express their individual style.

Their fashion sportswear is made with high performance fabrics that not only look good, but is built for support and keeps you dry and cool.  It will inspire you to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.